Baby :)

Aw so one of my best friends is coming over tonight to eat nice things and watch Bridesmaids and then after she goes I’m going over to my boyfriend’s and I haven’t seen him for nearly a week. And then tomorrow we’re going into town and then meeting my other best friend and I’m staying at her’s and watching The Ring 2 cause we watched the first one the other night aw yay I’m happy about all this loving

Don’t get to see my boyfriend for 2 weeks :(

Actually nearly cried. But I’m going to Abii’s soon so that makes it slightly better

My liked posts are literally Austin Carlile and cats

Considering dying my hair dark again

What do people think? Idk I just need ideas for my hair please

Just having a little cry at the fact that all the OM&M tickets are e-tickets

Can we. Just. No it’s unnacceptable

Please buy my stuff! I need to buy a Reading ticket! Will love you forever if you bid!

Idk okay
Best ones xxxxx
Feeling so lonely

My friends are all at Slam Dunk and they all met OM&M and I couldn’t go, and my boyfriend is away for the weekend and my parents are on holiday. All on my own. Urrrrgh :(

Did a blog called emo-corefashion really just reblog my photo?


Looking grumpy ow but hello new followers :)
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